PCR Ready DNA in Minutes

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits


Akonni TruTip® kits for DNA and/or RNA extraction and purification are the fastest and most reliable in the industry, delivering inhibitor free, PCR‐ready nucleic acid in as few as 4 minutes. Supporting a range of applications and extraction protocols, automated, on-demand, and OEM solutions are available.

  • Clear your backlog in TruTip Speed
  • Remove inhibitors and contaminants with TruTip Purity
  • Eliminate Spin Column and centrifugation steps
  • Get high quality results with TruTip Precision

Automated Solutions

TruTip on automated lab workstations seamlessly deliver quality extracted nucleic acids with the fastest extraction times on the market. The epMotion® system can extract 24 samples in < 30 minutes, while TruTip on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR line of workstations can extract 96 samples in < 60 minutes. Samples are processed easily with a simple push of a button. Best yet, the fully automated process is cost-effective and achieves yield & purity competitive with gold-standard kits without the use of costly system add-ons required with centrifugation, magnetic-rod, or vacuum manifold based extraction methods.

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On-Demand Solutions

Akonni TruTip uses a patented, innovative nucleic acid binding matrix inserted in a pipette tip. TruTips are available in several formats tailored to the end-user’s throughput needs. Lower throughput samples may be processed using a single or multi-channel electronic pipettor. Typical extractions are performed in less than 4 minutes, or 30 seconds per extraction for an 8-channel pipettor.

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OEM Solutions

New Application Development and Pipette Tip Formats
TruTip technology is available for licensing for select, customized applications. For example, if there is a pipette tip size or extraction protocol that we don’t yet support, our product and application development teams can assist.

Integrated TruTip Devices
If you are seeking to embed TruTip technology into an integrated device, e.g., from larger volume clinical samples to final real time PCR generated result, our product engineers have deep experience in this area as well.

Please contact your Akonni representative at (301) 698-0101 for current pricing or to place an order. Send email inquiries to sales@akonni.com.